Linseal International Limited was founded in 1992 by the current Directors who have been involved in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of OKO Tyre Sealant for 15 years.

Linseal subsequently revolutionized the tyre sealant industry by developing the worlds first fibre free sealant, a product which outperforms all the old fibre based sealants in every way.

Linseal has it's principal sales office in Rugby, UK, and the factory operates to the quality system ISO 9002.

Linseal is the recognized market leader in Europe and the USA where the company commands a 90% market control.

Linseal OKO Tyre Sealant is also exported to 20 other countries outside of Europe and the USA.

Linseal International Limited has developed the worlds first fibre and latex free tyre sealant. The sealant is a secret mixture of thixotropic compounds and recycled rubber.

Following a year of rigorous testing the sealant has proved 100% successful in both tube and tubeless tyres. The new sealant is much less viscous than it's predecessors making installation much simpler and quicker.

A standard mini tractor can be puncture proofed in less than 6 minutes for all 4 tyres. The sealant remains active for the life of the tyre, permanently sealing hundreds of holes caused by puncturing objects of up to 10mm in diameter. In tests for the British Military, over 30 large punctures were sealed in a tyre and the vehicle was still fully operational many months later.

11-13 The Green, Bilton, Rugby, CV22 7LZ, UK
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